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Nov 6, 2012 6:00am EST
watched east andn the middle israel supportin mitt romney. disappointedare . romney the centerrformed by disease control link a hepatitis c infection to a traveling hospital worker in tamperingccused of with needles. he was a patient at the va medical center and now out of the hospital. he is charged in new hampshire needles andwith infecting more than 30 people. checkme is 6:16 so let's in with jacqui jeras. hand warmers. that's a good idea. my hands are ice cold right now. is the call this morning we far and almost below the freezing mark but it is looking good out there. check out this beautiful e officially at 6:41. 35 degrees is our temperature at reagan national but we're temperatures in the 20's to our west. freeze warnings are in a frat -- entirect across the area until 9:00 this morning. 28 degrees at dulles and 28 in and 25 in frederick. our skies are clear so that allowed the heat to escape into atmosphere over night. we will get some cloud cover in as the low pressure across the southeast makes its across the southeast and neighborhood and big changes. the computer model s
Nov 6, 2012 9:00am EST
with the militant group it once backed against israel. >>> officials from american airlines and u.s. airways are reportedly meeting today to discuss the benefits and downsides of a possible merger. both airlines announced last week that they had signed a non-disclosure agreement and would exchange confidential information while they evaluate a potential combination. american's parent company filed for bankruptcy protection nearly one year ago. >>> "x" factor judge britney spears is becoming a woman of letters. the pop star is currently in talks with the publishers to write her first solo novel. the hollywood reporter says the work of fiction would probably incorporate elements of spears' real life. spears has already one fiction and one nonfiction book to her credit, both co-written with her mother. it's now four minutes after the hour. you're up to date. let's go back outside with al with another check of the weather right across the way. >> outside comes inside, a beautiful thing. weather-wise, first of all at natalie mentioned, nor'easter, strong winds developing along the coast. bands of
Nov 6, 2012 7:00am PST
is the question of israel. jewish voters traditionally are registered as democrats, but rabbis have been asking questions it their congregations about the president's commitment to israel. florida has the second largest jewish population outside of new york. there are 12 million registered voters in florida. both campaigns have spent a record $192 million to try to win their votes. the prize here, 29 electoral votes. savannah? >> kerry sanders, thank you. >> all right. let's go to colorado now. nine electoral votes up for grabs in that state and nbc's kristen dahlgren is in centennial this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. the candidates have been here dozens of times over the past few months. president obama won colorado by 9% back in 2008, but this could be a very different story. all of the polls within the margin of error. now, most coloradoans have already voted in early voting. we can't tell you the count, but we can tell you the breakdown, that is 37% of voters so far have been republican, about 35% have been democrats, and that leaves some 28% with no party
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)